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Become attached to Lamiophlomis named by the princess.

In the fifteenth year of Zhenguan Period (641 AD) in Tang Dynasty, Princess Wencheng, accompanied by Jiangxia King Li Daozong (brother of Emperor Taizong) and Blon-stong-btsan (an escorting envoy from Tibet), left Chang’an for Tibet. 
Because of high mountains, great distance and adverse environment, many envoys from Tang got bruises, bleeding, foot injury and so on.  

When entering the Bayan Har Mountains of Tibet, Blon-stong-btsan asked the local Tibetan doctor to treat the escort team.

After the diagnosis, Tibetan doctor picked a plant with opposite rhombic green leaves on the mountain.

After being chewed up by the wounded patients, the plant was applied on the wound; after a while, the pain was alleviated and the swelling disappeared.
 Princess Wencheng was surprised at the special curative effect. Since it was a single herb, it was  referred to as a unique, single and great herb by the princess.

Gradually, the later generations named the herb as “lamiophlomi

Our ancestors tried it for many times, and relevant records could be found in the ancient books.  

In the beginning, the ancient people first found that lamiophlomis has significant hemostatic and analgesic efficacy.

After a long period of medicine practice, the ancient people further recognized the anti-inflammatory efficacy of lamiophlomis, and recorded it in the ancient books. 

In the 8th century AD, the written record of lamiophlomis started to appear in medical books.

There are related records in the famous monumental books about Tibetan medicine, such as the Four Medical Tantras, the Somaratsa, the Jing Zhu Materia Medica, and the Tara Materia Medica. 

Jing Zhu Materia Medica states: “The leaf is round and thick, the stem is quadrate; its flower has three colors (purple, yellow and white), and it tastes a little sweat and bitter.”

Yutuo Materia Medica states: “Through internal or external use, it can reduce swelling, divert yellow water, treat the skin ulcer and poison.”

Four Medical Tantras states: “It can replenish marrow and divert yellow water.”



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